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Module 5 – Case
Literature Review – Part 2
Assignment Overview
Read the assigned papers for this week, all of which report on literature reviews.

Case Assignment
Write a paper which addresses the following issues:

1.What are the research questions each paper addresses?
2.What was the literature review process they followed?
3.Evaluate the quality of the literature review the authors have performed in relation to the guidelines provided in the reading list for module 4.
4.Which paper did the best job in terms of reviewing the literature? Why?
5.Conclude your report with a paragraph or so evaluating the entire exercise in terms of what you have learned and your reflections on the topic.
Please organize your paper in a scholarly way. Add section titles when necessary. Explain your logic and when appropriate, use external sources and use proper citations.

The paper is usually between 5 and 12 pages long.

Assignment Expectations
1.Able to understand the key research questions and hypotheses.
2.Able to understand literature reviews and how they relate to the research life cycle.
3.Able to evaluate literature review processes and outcomes.
4.Answer the questions with clarity, depth and critical thinking.
5.Completeness and coherence: Chain of thought is easy to follow.
6.Collected relevant evidences and consulted additional papers/resources to support the propositions.
7.Paper is clearly written with appropriate format. Reference list is complete. Citation is properly done.

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