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Write a 5-7 pages double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font. Standard margins. Works Cited page required. Introductory paragraph that ends with a clear thesis that enumerates what you plan to do in the paper. A concise summary of the movie (150 words or less). An analysis of the director’s style, including information on the genre of the movie and how the director works within the genre. Do not write in the first person. In the analysis, refer to give relevant books or articles that relate to the thesis, don’t include Wikipedia. At least two of the books or articles must be scholarly. Include a discussion of how the movie is typical of the director’s work and movies during the same time period by other directors who are similar. Also, a discussion of a particularly impressive part of the movie citing specific passages. Include camera techniques, angles, lighting, color, etc. The paper must analyze cinema techniques rather than summaries of the plot.

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