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MRKT 610: Branding

Individual Written Project
Hierarchical Analysis of Industries
a) What you have to do : Select 5 industries
b) For each industry student has to define Hierarchy of Product
Arrange the hierarchy and analyze each brands position in the markets based on
a. Economic notion of substitutability
b. level of competition N
0. Sequence of consumer choice I 3′ 2 I
(1. Identify future of the product item selected in the UAE market with a correlation to
culmre and market competition (read the rubric)
Each . i fl Wt5~m. Contents must include the critical analysis that
5 ‘ if;
7, ‘ , i ‘ r1 ned in Classroom
E p i Ability to narrate the hierarchy
E ‘ a .5 cultural adaptability in UAE market perspective
7 ‘ and competition

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