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Msc marketing strategies for educational establishments wishing to move up the rankings

Using contemporary illustrative examples from academic literature and reputable business publications, discuss the challenges to educational establishments wishing to move up the rankings. What kinds of marketing strategy will enable them to move further up? Make recommendations, suitable to an educational entity of your choice, to enable them to harness the growth currently being experienced in this region.
the first part of this order you will have to come up with the executive summary, this should be no longer than one side of an A4 page summarizing the key points of the report, also the aims and objectives, this should outline the way in which you are tackling the topic/question  and clearly indicate to the reader what you will try to achieve in your report.
Try to have a realistic number of achievable objectives(eg.3-4 should suffice).
Also, the literature review, this component along with case study and discussion makes up the main body of the report in which you demonstrate your  ability to find, evaluate, analyse and synthesize information to produce an original piece of work that responds appropriately to the topic/question.

Question 2
Universigg Education
The UK now boasts six of the world’s top 20 universities, according to a new global table. Edinburgh
and King’s College London have edged into the top 20 of the Q5 World University rankings.
Cambridge, UCL, Imperial and Oxford all made it into the top 10.

But John O’Leary, of Q5, warned that unless the UK puts more funding into higher education its
leading position could slip.

Edinburgh rose to 17th place from 21st last year and King’s College London to 19th from 26th in

US domination
The top UK university was Cambridge in third position, behind Massachusetts Institute of Technology
at the top of the table and Harvard in second. University College London (UCL) and Imperial
occupied fourth and fifth places, with Oxford in sixth. Universities in the United States made up the
rest of the top 10. There were eight UK universities in the top 50 and 18 in the top 100, with
graduates from Oxford and Cambridge rated as the world’s most employable by 27,000 global
graduate employers polled for the ranking.

Clearly the prestige of a UK degree is recognised by employers around the world, and the brand-
name value of Oxbridge has so far survived any negative publicity following the tuition fee hikes and
student protests,” said Ben Sowter, head of research at Q5.

However the rankings also suggest that UK universities struggle to keep up with the US when it
comes to cutting-edge research. Of UK universities, only Cambridge made the top 30 for research
citations, with UCL, Oxford and Imperial in the top 50.

‘Not complacent‘

The UK invests below the OECD average in higher education, so it is unrealistic to expect its
universities to continue to punch above their weight indefinitely,” said John O’Leary, of the Q5 global
academic advisory board. “The current success of leading institutions shows how vital it is that the
government matches the investments being made by other countries in order to maintain their
world-class status.” UCL’s new president and provost, Professor Michael Arthur, said the university’s
high place in the rankings reflected its efforts both in the UK and overseas.

But he said: “As pleasing as it is, rankings success will not divert us from focusing on our core mission
of educating and inspiring our students and delivering world class research.”

Dr Wendy Piatt ofthe Russell Group noted that all six UK universities in the top 20 and 17 of the 18
in the top 100 were members of the group.

Their focus on research excellence and high-quality teaching means the UK performs formidably
well against other nations in spite of its size”, said Dr Piatt.

However, she warned: “If our universities are to compete in the future they need the government to
provide light-touch regulation and continued investment, and to be welcoming to genuine

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