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Music Business Essay

Write a topical, 1000-word (not including bibliography) essay, typed and double-spaced. A bibliography of all your research is required. Be sure to cite all sources
used in the essay. Competition among digital music services has escalated as streaming music has gained traction with music fans, and gained market share from paid
downloads. In the recent past, an artist would release an album on all formats and territories on the day of release. Physical and digital retailers and their
customers and on-demand streaming services and their subscribers all had access to the same repertoire on the same day. In 2016, Beyoncé released ′Lemonade′ through an
exclusive, 24 hour tie-up with Tidal before making her new record available for downloading on iTunes and Amazon. Identify and compare three other recent, exclusive
release campaigns. Explain how exclusive windows of release give the streaming service a competitive advantage. Describe how an artist can benefit from exclusive
windows of release. Explain how this release strategy benefits or hurts artists, labels, digital music services and music fans in the short term and whether this
practice is sustainable in the long term.

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