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Name the document as follows: Lastname_Firstname (e.g. Cepeda_Paola)

Read Jane Fuller’s chapter 3 “‘Race’, ethnicity and Spanish speakers in the US” and briefly answer
each of the following questions:

1. Enumerate the reasons that make the author think that race is a social construct, and
not a biological construct.
2. How is whiteness and blackness evaluated in the USA according to the author?
3. How were physical differences evaluated during the times of the Romans and Greeks?
4. What is the category ‘mestizo’ and what role does it play in Latin America? What are
the differences between Latin America and USA with respect to this category?
5. How is the word ‘ethnic’ or ‘ethnicity’ being used nowadays? What do people mean
with these words?
6. What is the whitening process mentioned in the chapter and what role does language
play in it?

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