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Neo-Piaget Developmental Theory

8-page (2000-word) term paper on Andreas Demetriou’s human development theory. identify the perspective of the contemporary theory (comparative to Piaget’s Theory) and describe current research and application to the field of lifespan development. The goal of the term paper is to analyze and synthesize the literature on a Andreas Demetriou. Most of the resources need to have been published within the last 10 years. Must have minimum of 7 sources, NO wikis. I have uploaded 5 of the 7 needed sources, the other 2-3 sources need to be from books if possible.
Term paper should begin by discussing the importance of lifespan developmental studies. Organize your literature review around issues essential to Demetriou’s Theory. Statements in the paper should be supported by data and information from research. The conclusion should be supported by the evidence from the literature that is evaluated.

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