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please write a essay about the record start from 9min. the record includes these 3 questions: 1.Is there a formal committee structure that helps coordinate important objectives or is it a less formal process? 2.Are there any particular committees you interact with more frequently than others and does that help you reach strategic goals? 3.What roel does the finance department play in your ability to run a non-for-profit organization? please include these 3 questions and other additional questions she answered. Also included any related info she said. Just from 9 minutes. It’s a long record: https://www.transferbigfiles.com/2930350d-5d2c-41e1-a2df-e70bbb4007e8/pGQZP2UhfV_zMkAiCiFbiQ2 — video is here: http://tbf.me/a/BanVWX — if that doesn’t work. please try this website: https://www.transferbigfiles.com/2930350d-5d2c-41e1-a2df-e70bbb4007e8/pGQZP2UhfV_zMkAiCiFbiQ2

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