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COMPROMISED PATIENT PAPER & OUTLINE Students are required to read a patient memoir Read (Wasted- A memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia ) By Marya Hornbacher Before you begin reading the memoir, review the content areas below which must be included in the paper. Take notes based on these content areas as you are reading the memoir and write an APA style paper.. Students will read the memoir and select a particular problem the patient was facing at a specific point in time. The student will describe the problem and select a nursing theory which will guide nursing interventions for the problem. Students must select from one of the four major nursing theories in the baccalaureate program (Erickson’s Modeling and Role Modeling Theory, Watson’s Caring Theory, Neuman’s Systems Theory, or Roy’s Adaptation Theory). Students will be required to submit an outline of their paper by the due date for faculty review. The final product will be a 6-8 page APA format paper due toward the end of the semester. Guidelines for completing the outline and paper following the grading criteria. (STUDENTS MUST ALSO SUBMIT AN OUTLINE USING THE OUTLINE FORMAT TEMPLATE)

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