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Nursing U2A1.

Using the grid you completed last week, develop a 6-7 page scholarly paper that presents your patient population and discusses their environmental, emotional and nursing care needs.
Present the philosophy behind each of your three selected theories
Describe how a nurse can apply all three theories to ensure comprehensive care is achieved.
Include how the theories are similar and how are they different? Describe the relationships between the theories and your population’s needs. Provide examples of how the theories can be applied in your care environment.
Please refer to the grading rubric for specific grading guidelines. Papers must follow APA format, exhibit critical thinking and analysis, integrate a variety of concepts throughout the paper.
TIPS: I strongly suggest that you use headings to organize your work.
1. Begin with an introduction. The introduction needs to tell the reader which 3 theorists you have selected and the overall purpose of the paper.
2. Body:
Heading 1: Philosophies of the Theorists {explain the philosophy/background behind each theory}
Heading 2: Application of Theories to Practice {In nursing and in your practice envt. how are all 3 of these used to provide care}
Heading 3: Similarities and Differences {What is unique about each theory? How does each theory address different elements of the population}
3. Conclude the paper

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