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only 1500 words please i couldn’t find this on number of words could you make it for me please. # there is 4 topic than i chosen one which is
Obesity to write about. # please make sure the reference is APA and link it with report.
Your report should follow this structure:
1. An Introduction that describes the purpose and outlines the scope and structure of the report, and briefly explains why your chosen health issue is a significant public health issue in Australia.
2. A description of each of your chosen programs using the following framework:
i. Introduce the program and identify the target group (e.g. adolescents 12-18, adult males).
ii. Outline the program’s goal/s and objectives.
iii. Describe the strategies used in the program to achieve the goal/s and objectives (Tip – see separate Model document for some examples).
iv. Explain, drawing on health promotion theory, why the program should be classified into a particular health promotion approach (e.g. a behavioural approach).
v. Provide a brief summary of the progress and/or outcomes of the program.
(N.B. repeat steps i – v for each of the programs you are analysing).
3. A conclusion, in which you restate the main purpose of your report, summarise key points in your analysis, and consider how the programs you have described reflect an ‘integrated’ approach to health promotion. Your discussion here should include reference to health promotion theories and concepts, as covered in Modules 3 to 8. Do not include any new information in your conclusion.
4. An end text reference list: emphasis will be on the presentation and referencing of your report. This report is to be written in academic style, with all sources of information acknowledged by in- text and end-text referencing. Full citations should be provided in your Reference List at the conclusion of your paper.my regards

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