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Case Study: Ibrahim

20 year old Syrian male s/p GSW to L chest, subsequent cardiac arrest with CPR initiated. Pt with anoxic BI as well as dissected L carotid artery causing ischemic event in L parietal, temporal, and frontal lobes. Pt’s initial injury was 1 year ago and he has transitioned to outpatient OT
• Pt is independent with bathing, grooming and dressing at seated level, assistance to for shoes and socks only. Pt completes seated shower and uses w/c primarily for mobility, however is able to ambulate with CGA demonstrating impaired balance, integrated movements, impaired righting reactions. Pt requires assistance with all cooking due to poor safety awareness and problem solving
• Pt has R hemiparesis with increased tone throughout requiring Botox injections to R wrist and finger, bracing R ankle and splinting for R hand. Pt has limited use of RUE and has learned compensatory techniques for 1 handed ADLs.
• Pt has demonstrated impaired motor planning, problem solving and memory, especially noted in new and novel situations and environments and tasks.

Pts primary goal in outpatient is to use his R hand normally, walk and function without assistive devices, eventually drive and return to school where he was a pre-med major.
• The OT has evaluated the Pt and set the following goals:
1. Pt will navigate in crowded environment to purchase items in store with CS
2. Pt will complete simple meal prep in standing with S
3. Pt will be independent with HEP and stretching to improve PROM at R wrist to neutral position in prep for functional use.

• Please create a 60-minute treatment session that includes a component that is RESTORATIVE and one that is ADAPTIVE (and indicate in your write up).
• Make sure that your activity helps to reach a goal, but works on a COMPONENT of the goal, not the goal itself.

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Sladyk, K., & Ryan, S.E. (2015). Ryan’s Occupational Therapy Assistant (5th ed.)

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