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One Smooth Stone

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One Smooth Stone is a business-theater company that businesses contract with to help deliver a particular message for items such as a new product launch, a business-wide initiative, or a special sales event. At One Smooth Stone, everyone in the company works together to meet client needs, which are often changing with regards to time, competition, and other factors. Therefore, there are no divisions or departments which might pigeonhole a client. The company does not “pretend to have a prepackaged solution,” but instead works with each client individually to determine the perfect idea and then deliver on it. One Smooth Stone hosts a diverse clientele whose needs vary widely. Clients can arrange to have pre-produced videos, impersonators, celebrities, rock stars, or the company’s in-house entertainers to help deliver the intended message. One Smooth Stone does contract out to other companies or freelance contractors for particular needs. The company is highly selective about who they contract with, because while those workers may not be under the same roof as One Smooth Stone, in the clients’ eyes they still represent the company. For this reason, everyone, including contractors, are held to a very high standard regarding basic principles and values.

A very important factor in the success of One Smooth Stone and everyone who works there is that the company work together to achieve goals and all be a part of the organizational culture. Everyone in the company is held to some guiding values, summarized in three words: smart, fast, and kind. If the company works together to deliver on these three principles, delivering smart work, doing each task on time or faster, and being kind to each other and to the client, then the results and financial success will come naturally.

Assignment Development

Based on the video, the website below, and the summary, please answer these questions:

1.Visit One Smooth Stone’s website ( (Links to an external site.)). Describe the site in your own words. What stands out the most? What do you like? What do you dislike? What is done well? What would you improve? How?


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