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Percentage of final grade given:
Objectives of the Minor assessment (Group Assignment):
To demonstrate the Group’s (and each student’s within the Group) understanding of and capability to adapt / document course materials in a practical consumer description exercise.
Description of the Assignment:
“It has been almost twenty years since we first described economic history through our progression of economic value. In short, the Agrarian Economy (based on commodities) was supplanted by the Industrial Economy (based on goods), which in turn was superseded by the Service Economy, and that has now been unseated by today’s Experience Economy. Indeed, goods and services are no longer enough; what customers want are experiences—memorable events that engage each individual in an inherently personal way. “( JOSEPH PINE, 2004 ) Understanding the customer experience is the next step in the evolution of customer-centricity. Customer experience is the provisional disposition a person has about a company, based on all the information in his or her environment, and their interactions with the competitors, plus their reflections on what this means to them. The disposition can be an opinion (rational or not), a feeling or even an undecided state. Because the disposition is provisional, the person may change disposition – and this is a great market opportunity and risk. Today, a customer’s first interaction with a brand usually happens online. This is the case even if the purchase itself finally takes place offline. This first step in the relationship is crucial, and, increasingly, we need to pay attention to it. Students are asked to define and analyse the critical points in the process of building a relationship and creating an experience for the user in the online environment, taking into consideration three main elements: motivation, perception, process ( pre-purchase, consumption, post-purchase ).
Structure of the Assignment:
– Introduction
– Search engines and opportunities
– Branding
– Usability
– Segmentation
– Multi-channel interaction
– Relationship with different targets
– Traits of the online consumer
– critical conclusions: insights and trends
Format of the Assignment :
A word document to be submitted+a pdf document for the in-class presentation ( each group is expected to make a 20 minute-presentation of the group project )
Cover page with Date, Course indication, name of Lecturer, Paper title and names of all Group members.
One Table of Contents, with indicated page numbers – and with an indication as to which student is responsible for which section(s) of the paper.
Minimum of 2,000 words per student, plus eventual supporting charts and graphs (as judged appropriate).
Each student’s individual contribution must be clearly indicated – who is to assume responsibility for each section of this paper is a Group decision… to be “negotiated” within the Group itself.
References and bibliography (obligatory) should be formatted using the Harvard system (a guide to use the Harvard system is to be found on the ESE student web site.)
Format of the PDF Presentation:
No more than twenty minutes in length.
No more than twenty slides
No “crowded” chart contents – a bit of strategic discipline is to be appreciated.
Each member of the Group will be expected to participate in the actual class presentation.
Late Policy: For each day of delay you will lose 5% Marks points, for a maximum of 3 days.
Students are requested to submit their projects via e-mail and on paper to the Academic Office and to the lecturer.
Deadline for submission by email and on Turnitin: Sunday, November 15th at midnight
Deadline for submission of hardcopy: at the start of class, Week 6
Date of presentation: Week 6

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