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online education in Arizona State University

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Oral Presentation and Research Process Sheet

Part I: Research Stage: Getting to know your topic, your audience and your own skills

I will guide you step-by-step through each of the questions. Do not advance to the next question unless I give directions to do so.

Select one of the following topics:

· Dependency to social media

· Beauty pageants

· Online education

· Video games

· Cyber bullying

· Online dating

· Arts and music education in schools

· Physical education

· Gender-neutral bathrooms

First Step: Define your topic.

Broad subject: online education

More specific: online education in USA

Very specific: online education in Arizona State University

1. Define your purpose [To inform, persuade, entertain, a combination of two or the three]

to inform the audience about the learning of online courses and online education ,and to persuade the audience to believe that online education is really helpful.

2. Write your purpose statement. [Don’t forget to that the statement should be result oriented, specific and realistic. One sentence]. After listening to this presentation the audience with be able to identify the benefits of online education in Arizona State University.

3. State your thesis statement. [Remember, your thesis statement is different from the purpose statement. The thesis statement will be an actual component of your presentation while your purpose statement is for your own use to aid you with the articulation of your presentation. One sentence]

in order to convince the audience, i would like to identify the advantages of online education which are the learning styles, Studying anytime and developing real-world skills.

4. Audience Analysis: Demographics [Write a sentence for each of the categories]

a. Cultural Diversity: there are a lot of cultural diversities.

b. Gender: males more than females.

c. Age: between 17 to 25.

d. Group Membership: college students.

e. Number of People: 30.

f. Educational Level: some college.

g. Attitudes, Beliefs and Values [Write a 200 words response on why having a knowledge on attitudes, beliefs and values of your audience will help you with your specific presentation].

Some people believe that classroom is one of the most helpful things. a classroom is a place where you share your knowledge and thoughts with your classmates and your professor. Honestly, I really like the class because it is really useful and interesting, and i also like my classmates. In addition, they are really helpful people. For example, we always help each other in group work to come up with the best ideas, and we always try to do our best in order to get good grades such as A’s. I have knowledge that my audience value education because it is priceless. They are glad that they study in such a good university. Furthermore, they get the best education from being a student, and they really appreciate being a part of ASU. Therefore, They usually watch their classmates presenting with PowerPoint slides in class. That along with the the professor’s instructions will help me explaining my points easily. For sure they are going to realize my points clearly because I will do my best to simplify my PowerPoint slides to make it easy to follow. Also, I will clarify my main points while I am presenting. In short, I like the way I work with my classmates and I really appreciate being part of this class.

5. Gathering Information

a. Identify at least 5 keywords for your topic’s search engine. online classes, exam, study, homework, and test.

b. Identify at least three journal articles that will help you with your presentation. [Use the library catalogs and databases].


Comparing Online and Face-to-Face Presentation of Course Content in an Introductory Special Education Course

James R. Thompson1



Li, Chi-Sing and Irby, Beverly


Online Education for Lifelong Learning

Yukiko Inoue

c. Look for at least one book that will help you with your presentation. [Use the library catalogs, databases and Google Books].


Online Courses and ICT in Education: Emerging Practices and Applications

Lawrence Tomei

d. Look for at least three websites that will help you with your presentation.


The New York Times

Ted Talks


Wikipedia .

> thats what i did in class you can edit on it make it a little bit better. U can also change the articles and choose three different articles if you want please make so corrections if needed.

< here is what i want you to do > the professor sent us this email > You will be accessing the Google Document you’ve been working on and complete the following steps (Deadlines, tomorrow by midnight):

1. Read the three articles you’ve selected last week.

2. For each article, I want you tell me at least three arguments that will be helpful for your presentation. Select them in accordance to the purpose statement of your presentation. This is how I want you to do this:


Name and Last name of the Author. Year of publication. Title of Article. Name of Journal.

Argument 1

Argument 2

Argument 3

3. Then, I want you to start filling out the following information (please, copy/paste it on the document available on Google Docs).

Outlining Your Presentation

You will be working on your speech outline. By filling out the following outline you will be producing the skeleton for your presentation.


Attention Getter: What is going to be your attention getter for your speech? P. 363 have some ideas that could be helpful.

Thesis Statement: You already got this. Add it here and make some adjustments/editing if needed.

Preview of the Main Points: After reading the articles and having evaluated the other sources, in this section, I want you to give the audience a preview of what your speech will be about.


What types of supporting material are you planning to include? Why would they work for the purpose of your presentation?







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