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Short’Writing’Task’4:’Style’Task (500’words)

The goal of this task is to draft an introduction for your essay and a body paragraph from you essay.
The introductory paragraph should contain;
an interesting hook and an explanation of the problem or debate that is the focus of the essay. (1 mark)
contain a clear, interesting and complex statement that can be supported by a rhetorical analysis ( 2 marks) – indicate the overall method or outline of the essay (1 mark)

The Body Paragraph should : !
– Focus on a particular aspect of the overall argument (1 mark)
Engage with evidence to display advanced critical thinking (2 marks)
Draw a strong connection between evidence and overall argument (1 mark)
Both paragraphs should be written in a style engaging an academic readership (1 mark) while accurately citing and referencing sources mentioned in the paragraphs (1 mark)

On a separate page at the end of your submission for Short writing task 4 you must include a reference list or works cited list conforming to the requirements of a style; see page 1. You can use the sources you used in your previous short writing tasks as well as any paragraphs/ sentences written for assessment tasks in your course.

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