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Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

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Ayida Mohamed Sultan Al Shabibi
ID: PG14F1450
Session: A

ECM62EKM Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management
Assessment 2: Individual Report
You are to select an organisation, gather and critically analyse organisational data, draw
conclusions and make recommendations about the organisation as well as the human resource
management strategy and activities in the organisation.
The organisation you select should be from ONE of the following:
1. The organisation for which you work
2. An organisation that you know well
3. An organisation from which you can obtain high quality data (e.g. from websites,
company accounts, the library etc.).
Your Task – INDIVIDUAL WRITTEN REPORT [70% of module marks]
You should prepare a report answering all of the following questions:
1. “Organizations would be far less effective systems than they actually are if economic
rewards were the only, or even the principal, means of motivation available.’ Justify the
statement using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs model. Based on the organization
selected, critically evaluate various reward strategies adopted by the organization to
motivate the staff.
(Approximately 500 words)
2. Study and comment upon the PA method adopted by the selected organization. Suggest
improvements in the PA method with arguments and also develop your own format
along with KPIs to make PA more effective for any selected position.
(Approximately 700 words)
3. Map the organization selected by you with Guest Model of Human Resource
Management and comment whether the organization follows Personnel management
mindset or Human Resource Management mindset.
(Approximately 1200 words)
4. “Leadership and management overlap and one needs to have both these qualities”.
Justify this statement explaining the role of both in the organization you studied.
Examine the threats faced by the organization in absence of these qualities. Using Blake
& Mouton’s Managerial Grid Model, identify the leadership style adopted by the
manager of the department studied by you.
(Approximately 600 words)
You should provide material supported by appropriate citations, references [Refer to Coventry
Harvard Referencing guide on Moodle] and appendices.
Fall 2014
Please provide a word count at the end of your report.
The report should be B/W computer generated, printed on white A4 paper. Coloured graphs and
charts are allowed.
The report should be approximately 3000 words in length plus references and any appendices.
Marking criteria
You will have demonstrated ability to:
1. Show a deep understanding of various theories of motivation – both content and process
theories to list the various strategies adopted by the selected organisations to motivate
their staff. Also, you are expected to bring out the concept of extrinsic and instrinsic
rewards in a job and relate the same to Maslow’s model.
(25 marks)
2. Analyse and comment upon the PA method used by selected organization. This will
demonstrate the level of understanding of various methods of PA. Your proposal for the
PA format will demonstrate your ability to bring theory and practice together.
(25 marks)
3. Demonstrate knowledge of understanding the Guest Model of Human Resource
Management and highlight the key differences between PM mindset and HRM mindset.
You must also be able to map the model with the organization you selected and then
comment upon the same.
(20 marks)
4. Evaluate the concepts of leadership and management and highlight the dangers faced by
the selected organization if the top leadership of the selected organization fails to
overcome threats and en cash opportunities which environment offers. You should bring
out the predominant style of leadership demonstrated in the organization.
(25 marks)
1. A maximum of 5 marks will be awarded for accurately referencing all published material
included in the report.
Intended Module Learning Outcomes
This assignment is designed to demonstrate the achievement of the intended module learning
objectives that on completion of the module, students are able to:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of theoretical concepts of organisation structure and
behaviour, and the practice of organising.
Fall 2014
2. Critically discuss the relationship of HRM to the traditional practice of personnel
management and industrial relations.
3. Assess key areas of HR practice, such as strategic planning, resourcing, development,
motivation and reward.
4. Analyse and evaluate HR practice in contemporary work situations, coming to critically
argued conclusions and recommendations.
For a mark of 60-69%
• Show a clear understanding of the activity.
• Display knowledge of most of the principles, theories, methodologies, and practices involved and an
ability to apply them effectively.
• Provide evidence of wide reading.
• Demonstrate an ability to select critical points and analyse them and draw sound conclusions.
• Provide approaches that are creative and practicable.
• Provide a supported critique of your own work.
• Provide supported, discussions of further research that may be needed.
For a mark of 50-59%
• Show an adequate understanding of the activity.
• Display knowledge of some of the principles, theories, methodologies, and practices involved and an
ability to apply them.
• Provide evidence of some reading related to the proposal.
• Demonstrate an ability to select key points in the exercise and analyse them.
• Provide approaches that are less creative or might not be entirely practicable
• Provide a critique of your own work.
• Provide discussions of further research that may be needed.
For a mark of 40-49%
• Show a barely adequate understanding of the purpose of the exercise.
• Display knowledge of some of the principles, theories, methodologies, and practices involved and
attempt to apply them.
• Provide evidence of reading limited relevant literature.
• Attempt some analysis and discussion.
• Show some ability to link theory to problems and provide solutions.
For a mark of 25-39%
• Made an attempt to complete the exercise.
• Show little or no understanding of the principles, theories, and practices involved.
• No evidence of academic reading.
• An inability to recognise the key points.
For a mark of <25%
• Work lacks any academic merit as adjudged by the foregoing.
Fall 2014
Date of Submission of Group Report
? Week 11 of the semester
? Submission of work has to be through Moodle.
Important note
Soft copy of presentation handed in after the submission date as well as not undertaking the
presentation on scheduled time will be subject to MEC Regulations on the late submission of work.
Please do not search the internet for an article and merely present it as your own. Plagiarism will be
dealt with as per the MEC Plagiarism Policy.
Fall 2014


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