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Organizational Leadership and Ethics: Followership

Based on the Potter III, Rosenbach, and Pittman (2001) assigned reading (Please reading material attached):
1. Describe in a sentence or two how Potter III, Rosenbach, and Pittman (2001) explain the style or characteristic you are discussing.
2. List TWO people who exemplify or demonstrate the listed style or characteristic (The highlighted row on the Table, i.e. Style: Partner). Those chosen must be publicly known or publically accessible (i.e., can everyone easily access information about this person). Person may be living or dead.
3. Describe in five or six sentences how each person exemplifies the particular style or characteristic (Meaning a paragraph made of five or six sentences for each person). Be sure that you use the authors’ descriptions of the characteristic and not your own assumptions about it.

write a paragraph (made of five or six sentences) for each of the TWO publicly known persons selected or chosen. Please also note that all that I need to do is to talk about the Style: Partner (Second or Fourth row on the table, i.e., highlighted) with reference to the reading material attached. Table can be found in the reading material.

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