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Organizational Structure

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Instructions Organizational structures have changed greatly in the last 50 years. Whereas most organizations were once rigid and centralized, most organizations are now taking advantage of flexible and decentralized structures. 1) How have these new structures affected employee/manager relationships? 2) What impact have they had on organizational strategies? Provide examples to support your point of view. Please submit a response between 250 and 1000 words. Essay length alone will not necessarily result in a high or low score. Rubric MGT 341 Writing Assignment MGT 341 Writing Assignment Criteria Ratings Pts Content Content reflects strong understanding of audience, clear purpose, and uses appropriate details and evidence 50 pts Content reflects some understanding of audience, identifiable purpose, and uses some details and evidence 46 pts Content has a purpose, but may include unnecessary info or missing some details 38 pts Fails to cover the minimal information need/ includes inappropriate info. 25 pts 50 pts Organization Paragraphs are unified, including strong topic sentences 25 pts Paragraphs are mostly unified. Occasionally hard to follow. 21 pts Ineffective paragraphing. Generally hard to follow. 17 pts No paragraph breaks and/ or rambles; hard to follow or understand. 13 pts 25 pts Style and Grammar Writing is coherent, progressing logically. Uses direct, active words—writing demonstrates conciseness, clarity, and brevity. 25 pts Writing is coherent, preventing any reader confusion. Uses no unnecessary words–– generally demonstrates conciseness, clarity, brevity. 21 pts Writing is generally coherent, only rarely slowing the reader. Few to no instances of wordiness or redundancy. 17 pts Problems of coherence/ digressions. Wordiness and redundancies. 13 pts 25 pts Total Points: 100

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