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Outline the major health and mental health issues for Indigenous people in Australia

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essay with an introduction, a body and conclusion. use sub-headings for the questions provided below.
The essay topic is: INDIGENOUS HEALTH
Please answer the following questions:
1. Outline the major HEALTH and MENTAL HEALTH issues for Indigenous people in Australia.
2. Has this changed over the last 15 years?
3. What are the challenges for social work practice with Indigenous people in the Australian context?

*Please discuss what health conditions and mental health issues Indigenous people experience. Discuss the prevalence and incidence of these health and mental health conditions. Discuss why and how the Indigenous population has come to experience these health inequalities. Please discuss how their health inequalities are exacerbated by past mistreatment and a history of colonization. Please discuss their lack of access to health care, lower life expectancy, limited employment opportunities, lesser educational advantages, lack of trusts to the medical industry, negative social attitudes among people, ignorance on good health practices, increased levels of drugs and substance abuse, and remoteness.

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