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Outline, then essay

Paper details:
Outline first. To begin the writing process, draft a typed outline based on the attached outline form. Then, using the outline, complete the essay.
I.    Intro-paragraph
A.    Attention getter/hook/background
B.    List your “I believe” statement
II.    The events paragraph
(Describe the event/events that lead you to your belief. Give as much detail as possible. Use figurative language. Make me see the story!)
Weak example: It was a hot day
Strong example: I felt sweat dripping down my back and car felt like an oven.
A.    What happened?
B.    Who was involved
C.     When did this happen?
D.    Where did it happen?
E.    Why did it happen?
III.    The impact paragraph
(This is where you will explain what you have learned, and how is has affected you.)
A.    What was the lesson you learned or the realization you came to?
B.    How has this changed you?
C.    How will you apply this idea in the future?
IV.    Final conclusion

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