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Running head: TITLE OF YOUR PAPER 1

Title of Paper

Author’s Name

PSYC 4323-Section # – History & Systems of Psychology

Year and Semester

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Running head: TITLE OF YOUR PAPER (Page Number Here)

(Introduction –The Heading here is the Title of Your Paper [in plain type], centered at the top of the page.)

Introduce your topic – Tell the reader what is coming. Part of doing that involves making clear the nature of the assignment (i.e., exploring various aspects of your historical figure’s life, coming to conclusions about the influence of their familial background and social environment on figures line(s) of research and their importance to the discipline of psychology).
(Required Section and Sub-Section Headings Appear below – Students may add Subheadings as they see fit.)


Family Background

(e.g., born into a prominent family, his father was an accomplished Rocket Scientist and his mother was an heiress, the family moved to Germany in XXXX…)

Childhood and Early Social Relationships

(e.g., X of Y children, father died when …, X was a popular child.)
Pre-College/University Performance

(e.g., attended a public school, attended a “gymnasium,” performed poorly, graduated at the top of her class…)
Higher Education

College/University Experience

(e.g., X won a scholarship to Y, X attended Y for a year, and then transferred to…)

Graduate School Experience

(e.g., worked under Wundt at the University of Leipzig…, earned a medical degree at X.)


(e.g., X was often described as withdrawn, Y was rather rigid and often argued with his co-workers at…)
Early Career

(e.g., X was appointed Lecturer at University Y, his first job was as a Research Assistant in Z’s Laboratory…)
Career Development

(e.g., after publication of his second book, X was offered and accepted a position by Y at Z…)

Line(s) of Research

(e.g., thorough out X’s career, his research focused on Y, the focus of X’s research was first Z, but later his focus changed to Y…)

Influences on (historical figure’s name here) Career and Achievements

Describe any connections you identified between the person’s genetics (e.g., several of his/her ancestors distinguished themselves in some manner, or not), and social environment (their childhood, and in later years their family relationships and influence of mentors-if applicable) on the historical figure’s professional achievements, and lines of research and/or scholarly activities in particular. If you conclude that there weren’t any apparent influences, say that.

The Importance of (historical figure’s name here) to the Discipline of Psychology

(Clearly state what you concluded about the historical figure you chose in terms of their importance and contributions to psychology. Describe your judgment of him or her in terms of them being noteworthy, not noteworthy [they deserve little or no attention in the history of psychology], or in between [they are noteworthy but perhaps don’t deserve as much attention as they’ve received]).

(Be careful not to just make a terse statement about what you concluded [e.g., Professor Smith is an extremely important figure in psychology.] Back it up with a summary of some of relevant things you learned [and wrote about above] regarding the historical figure.)
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All references used in the paper must appear in the list, and be written in APA style (including the “hanging indent”).

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