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Part b – Reflective essay (2,000 words) 40%
The reflective essay will contain a reflective and personal statement about the process and experience of acquiring interviewing skills, based on your role as a member of an interview panel in the skills workshop. You may wish to keep a learning journal, the data can be used as the basis for your essay. In this essay, you are expected to adopt the approach of experiential learning presented by Kolb (1984), consisting of concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualisation and active experimentation.
Some issues which may be addressed in the reflective essay could arise out of questions such as:?
What was your experience of developing interviewing skills??
What do you want to keep in mind when interviewing others?
What observations can you make about your impact on others (and vice versa) which contributed to the effectiveness or otherwise of your interviewing experience?
What did you learn about the complexities of the interviewing process??
What were your thoughts, feelings and behaviours throughout the skill development workshop?
The reflective essays will be evaluated on the following criteria:
•?Evidence of learning and understanding about the complexities and skills involved in ?developing interviewing skills and the complexities of the interviewing process ?
•?Evidence of learning about yourself, your impact on others and their impact on you; ?
•?Use of theory and literature to support your analysis, insights and opinions, including ?citation to 10 academic journal articles ?
•?Ability to present an articulate, coherent and well-presented paper. Clear expression, ?style, punctuation and use of the Harvard system of referencing are expected. ?Inadequate or inaccurate referencing may result in a fail grade for this assessment ?item and/or the unit. ?
•?Note: A marking rubric will be provided on Blackboard?More specific information will be provided in classes closer to the due date of the essay. ?

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