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Pay for Performance (Employee Incentive Program) Systems within the Sandwich Industry

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“You cannot “just start working on a topic” until you have first read about the current best practices, at the best firms. Being an expert means reading subject matter books and business articles and talking to experts outside of your organization. Focus on business articles that exclusively cover your specific topic, which is developing a pay for performance system (also known as an employee incentive program). Provide a listing of what you read, whom you interviewed, and what best practices you have identified at all other firms. Convince me that you know which top firms also share this problem and that you identified “what works” and “what doesn’t work” at other firms. Do not include any academic references.”
—– This would be the clip from our research notes to follow above

For this paper, our firm (a sandwich shop chain) desires to create a pay for performance system (or employee incentive program). In order to create a viable employee incentive program, we need to learn about the best in the business who are similar to our company. Most notably in order would be: Subway, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr., Five Guys (Burgers and Fries), Quizno’s Sub, and IN-N-Out Burger.

McDonald’s and Subway should have much more information, so please choose the best sandwich industry chains after these two that will have great detail on pay for performance systems or employee incentive programs. The information can explain the incentives/benefits given to non-exempt employees and exempt employees (corporate). Explain what does work, and what doesn’t work. Examples may be employee lotteries/raffles for rewards, rewards for monthly attendance, etc. Please use sub-titles for each company and where appropriate. Less detailed items like certain benefits can be bullet pointed, yet make sure anything in bullet points has an explanation that is needed.

Following the description of each restaurant’s employee incentive program, please state the company goal for labor % and cost of goods % if you can find this information. If companies give rewards for meeting quantitative goals, please list them and the reward amount/item. Calling stores and asking for managers may help if you let them know you are working on a research project. Some managers may not want to give out such information, but would be happy to explain employee incentive programs to some extent.

Please take this topic if you’re serious and go in depth for the research with research from mainly business articles (text and online both fine), books, and interviews (calling managers at locations for information). Writers who do a great job will have an opportunity to receive further papers around this area of management as I will recommend writer ID’s for moderate to larger projects if you would like the opportunity as a way to show appreciation for doing great work.

Once more, the topic of this is pay for performance systems. Please only choose this if you are clear on the topic. This will require the need to call these restaurants to ask about incentive programs and metrics for labor and cost of goods percentages. Please cite any interviews clearly and use California businesses in San Francisco for contacts.

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