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Pedagogies in Practice – Design and Development of a Lesson

Design one 60 minute ICT – Information and communications technology – enhanced lesson relevant to the English subject. Choose a topic that is consistent with current NSW curriculum/standards.

The lesson idea should promote ‘meaningful learning’. Meaningful learning presupposes authentic learning and students should bee given the opportunity to actively construct their own understanding, define their own learning goals and evaluate their ongoing achievements. Through such processes, they can also understand the importance of building knowledge collaboratively.  These characteristics of meaningful learning are not exhaustive. For this assignment, you are expected to describe the aspects of meaningful learnign intended for your lesson idea and how it can be accomplished using information and communications technology.

Choose at least one and no more than two of the ICT tools from the list below for this assignment:

Groups of tools                                                            specific tools
Supporting writing with ICT                                  Mindmeister (www.mindmeister.com)
Cmap (http://cmap.ihmc.us/)
Edublogs (http://edublogs.org/)
Grammarly (http://www.grammarly.com/)

Community building with ICT                            Pbworks (www.pbworks.com)
Edmodo (http://www.edmodo.com/)
Linoit (http://en.liniot.com/)

Experimenting with ICT                                    Netlogo (http://ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo/)
Interactive simulations (http://phet.colorado.edu/)

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