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Persuasive Outline only on “Why you should Adpot a Pet”

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Assignment for the Persuasive Speech

A Persuasive speech is your attempt to reinforce, establish, or change an audience member’s belief, attitude or action.
1. Prepare and deliver a 7 minute persuasive speech utilizing Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (MMS). Speeches outside the time limit will receive a penalty.

2. The speech should include all five (5) steps in the Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Refer to the MMS Outline template and Handout for more information.

3. You will submit one copy of your outline to your instructor. The outline should be according to

4. Visual aids are not allowed for this speech.

5. This speech should indicate evidence of careful research. Use at least three different sources of information. One sources is required in the Need Step and one source is required in the Satisfaction/Solution Step. These must be listed in correct bibliographic form at the end of the outline (MLA).

6. This is not a speech only of personal opinion, although you should make it clear what your opinion is, you must back it up with good inductive evidence from expert testimony, statistics, examples and analogies.

7. Speak extemporaneously (from note cards, without reading or memorization). Practice the speech out loud several times before your actual presentation.

8. Follow the 5 step Motivated Sequence very carefully. Make sure you include the action you want the audience to take and the specific information the audience needs in the Action Step – which is also the Conclusion for this speech.

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