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PHIL 250–Logic Presentation Assignment

As part of the requirements for PHIL 250 you will be required to work with a group of other PHIL 250 students to present to the class a specific topic within the discipline of logic.  This will require you to research, study, clearly understand and explain a specific topic within the discipline of logic.  You will be responsible, with your group, to teach this to the class.  What you teach will be included on the test on logic that comprises 10% of the course grade.  (This assignment comprises 15% of the course grade.  Each member of the group receives the same grade.)
You will be required to present the material and you will have ______minutes to do so.  Part of your assignment is to develop at least 5 questions that could be included on the test on logic. You may wish to provide handouts or PowerPoint notes as part of your presentation.
This assignment should:
•    Help you to understand the discipline of logic
•    Help you to think about how to be a good student (i.e., it should help you to think about how you think about how you learn).
•    It should result in being a better thinker and learner.
This assignment will be presented between week 8 and week 12.  See Engrade or your instructor for specific dates and your topic.

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