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Write an essay of 2000 words on one of the

Use Freud’s work as your primary source on Freud’s views. Do not discuss Freud’s views via secondary sources, which should be used for guidance in your reading and for discussion and critique in your essay.

Use Harvard referencing at least 6 sources

1 Explain Freud’s claim that every dream is the disguised fulfilment of a wish. Is the claim true of all dreams, without exception? How does Freud explain the apparent exceptions? How plausible is his explanation?

2 Explain Freud’s theory of the dream work and examine the criticisms made of it.

There are four prescribed texts for this unit:
Freud, S. 1989, Introductory classes on psychoanalysis, W. W. Norton, New York.
Freud, S. 2002, Civilization and its discontents, Penguin, London.
Lear, J. 2005, Freud, London, Routledge.
Zizek, S. 2007, How to read Lacan, Granta Books, London.
They are available through the campus bookshop. Off campus students can place their order via one of the following means:

On line: http://www.dusabookshop.com.au/

Recommended learning resources

Sharpe, M and J Faulkner 2008, Understanding psychoanalysis, Acumen, Durham.

Slavoj Zizek “On Jacques Lacan” (Full Lecture)
Susie Orbach: Hipster men join the body anxious



Learning resources

Freud, S 1989, Introductory lectures on psycho-analysis, W. W. Norton, New York, Part 3: lectures 16–23.

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