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Philosophy essay

Choose any ONE of the philosophical theories below:
1. Consequentialist moral theories such as utilitarianism
2. Non-consequentialist moral theories such as Kantian deontology
3. Virtue ethics
4. Social justice
5. Existentialism

Write an essay on your chosen topic that:

1. Explains the background of the philosophy (e.g. who were/are the key thinkers? When did these ideas emerge? What was the context that they emerged? What is their status today?)

2. Gives an exposition of philosophy (e.g. outlines and explains the main ideas, arguments, concepts, etc)

When writing your essay, make sure that you:
1.    Draw from a wide range of relevant and appropriate literature (literature that is scholarly, credible and peer reviewed, ie., published in books, journals, doctoral dissertations & magazines.

2.    NOT wiki sites, blogs, or opinion pieces, ‘un-authored’ web pages, or websites/documents affiliated with specific religious, political or other organisations with specific agendas.

1200-1500 words.

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