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Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics

The essay prompt is as follows:
Pick an interpretation of Quantum Mechanics presented in David Albert’s Book, Quantum Mechanics and Experience, and argue why it represents the most plausible way of interpreting the phenomena. If there are known objections to this interpretation, explain why those objections do not persuade you that the interpretation that you have picked is the wrong way to think about things? That is, why should we not take those objections seriously? Obviously, one reason to like an interpretation might be that it avoids difficulties that appear in other interpretations. As such, feel free to be comparative in your assessment.
At the very least, you must read from the David Albert text about the interpretation of quantum mechanics that you choose to focus the paper on. You may also want to read about other interpretations. Also, you must cite the Albert text frequently with page numbers and use it as the primary source for the paper. I have also attached some other materials from the class in addition to the Albert text, as they may help you understand some of the material(espcially the study guide and bell inequalties handouts, but possibly the other handout too). However, all of the information you need is in the attached David Albert book. Also, it is worth noting that while the primary text is written by David Albert, the theories of quantum mechanics that he writes about are not his own. For instance, one theory is the Einstein, Podolski, and Rosen (EPR) interpretation of quantum mechanics as incomplete, which is dsicussed in chapter three. There are of course many other interpretations and it is up to you to choose the one that will enable you to write the best paper possible, just make sure to answer the prompt fully and not get off topic. Write at least 6 full pages. Lastly, ask any questions if necessary.

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