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PJM quality management.

please note: write it by own ideas, do not copy from any webs and reference have to from textbook. must read textbook understand chaper 1-3 then write it by following questions:
In particular, you will want to address your experience with some tools and techniques used in quality management in general or in project quality management. If you do not have any work experience, tell your team about some tools and techniques you would like to use when you get a job in project management. Questions to consider include the following.

1. Which of the philosophers, if any, does your past or present organization follow? If you do not have any work experience, you may use a fictitious organization.
2. Which quality tools have you used at your job? If you do not have any work experience, which of the quality tools would you like to use?
3. How do you think your organization (past, present or fictitious) could be improved if these philosophies and methods were properly implemented there?
4. Explain the goals you have for this course in addition to getting an A.
5. Create a table to show the rotation schedule of roles and responsibilities in your team.

As a general rule, your paper should comply with APA format for in-text citations and reference pages. Double-spacing is NOT required. This paper should be no more than 3 pages (single-spaced, 10-point font).

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