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Planning Your Visit
Worksheet #2
Suggestions for Making an Actual Policymaker/Legislative Visits
Most nurses are uncomfortable approaching policymakers, regardless of how prepared they are and how knowledgeable or passionate they are about their policy issue.
Nurses tend to grossly underestimate their power and don’t initially understand that policymakers are receptive and anxious to have their input.
After you have selected your healthcare policy issue and have thoroughly researched it, develop a message or proposal that is clear and succinct. Be sure that you
know the appropriate policymaker and the staff that you approach for your issue. Most students in this course will select a local-level policymaker such as a member
of their city council or their local school board.
What is the message you want to give to your selected policymaker/legislator? Can you
present a compelling ‘story’? Can you convey your passion and experience with the policy
issue? Can you present basic research data in an easy-to-understand and interesting way?
What are you asking? What are you recommending? Please review the examples of a policy
brief in your text or on the American Nurses Association website. What are your expectations
of the policymaker and for your visit/presentation in general?

Can you include a presentation using PowerPoint, flip chart, or overheads in some way (email
or mail ahead of the call)? Include the actual presentation slides (max of 5 slides) in your final
course presentation due week 7 (total 15 slides). What information (i.e. handouts) will you
leave with the policymaker?

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