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Choose a business policy (e.g., No Smoking Policy) to analyze preferably a policy where you work or have worked in the past.
1. Analyze and evaluate the policy.
i. Historical context (why the policy came about)
ii. Nuts and bolts of the policy (i.e., specific details about the policy)
iii. Implementation of the policy (i.e., training, etc.)
iv. Expected outcomes
1. If good (how can the policy be enhanced)
2. If bad (how can the policy be revised)
2. Take a comprehensive look at the impact of the policy outcomes and discuss the impact
at each applicable level.
i. Levels of Impact
1. Company Level
2. Employee Level
3. Community Level
4. Other stakeholders if applicable
3. Requirements:
i. 5-6 pages (not including cover page and references)
ii. Include charts and graphs if applicable
iii. Times New Roman, 12-inch font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced. Style guide: APA,
MLA, or another commonly used style guide is acceptable.
iv. Although papers are submitted electronically, all papers should look professional
(e.g., cover page, table of contents, section headings, and page numbers).
v. The paper should be written in paragraph format, there should be few bullets
used in the paper.

(note to writer, for my personal experience I have worked in the police field and military. A policy regarding no smoking, physical fitness standards or even dress code would be appropriate. I do not mind you choosing a different policy, although I would prefer it relate to one of my previous professions.)

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