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A newly confirmed constable (1 year experience) is working a shift as senior person on the truck with a probationary constable (PC) with eight months experience. Another PC with four months experience is also assigned to the same truck due to their partner having gone off on sick report. The eight month PC has a good policing knowledge for his level of experience but is lacking in confidence. The four month PC, however, whilst being very enthusiastic, often displays below average technical skills and has a habit of taking short cuts in his work. During the shift, the truck is sent to a front to rear motor vehicle collision involving two cars on a busy metropolitan road. Upon arrival, the constable discovers one of the passengers is trapped in a car with a suspected broken leg and there is an argument developing between several occupants nearby. Due to the complexity of the situation, you will need to consider allocating more than one task to each PC in order to complete the job and there is no immediate back up available.

Analyse the above scenario and discuss the leadership approach/s the constable might need to utilise in this situation, including consideration of relevant leadership characteristics and follower readiness of the two PC’s. Your discussion can draw on information from the variety of leadership characteristics and models highlighted in the modules and broader literature but these must be applied to the management of the above scenario. Whilst the answer will highlight police actions in relation to the collision, the primary focus of the discussion should be on the use of leadership skills by the constable in relation to the two PC’s and the scene generally.


In completing assessment item one, the student should be able to demonstrate the ability to:

understand ethical leadership in a policing context;
articulate a number of leadership approaches and characteristics important to first line leadership as senior person on the truck;
analyse a policing situation and consider relevant leadership approaches to manage junior police and the scene generally;
discuss the application of appropriate leadership strategies to the situation;

Tasks that would need to be done in scenario:
– Attend to trapped passenger until ambulance attend to treat, and fire brigade attend to cut passenger out of vehicle
– Separate and calm fighting occupants
– Obtain statements from witnesses
– Identify and interview offending driver
– Direct traffic
– Take photos of scene and vehicles
– Draw site diagram of scene in notebook

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