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political Speech Analysis Essay and worksheet

Assignment You will choose to view either a political speech or a televised editorial. While you watch the speech, make notes about the speech′s content, the speaker′s
delivery, and the non-verbal gestures he or she makes, on the Speech Analysis Worksheet. If you miss some of the categories on the first viewing, re-watch the speech
and try to pay closer attention to more subtle details. You may choose to watch a speech on television or find one online to view. Below are some sites where you can
find a variety of political speeches. American Rhetoric: Top 100 Speeches The History Channel – Political Speeches YouTube – Political Speeches Upon completing the
Speech Analysis Worksheet , which can be downloaded below, you will write a one page analysis of the speech. Was the speaker effective overall? Was the speech
convincing? Using information from the completed worksheet, write a detailed and insightful account on the effectiveness of the speech. Please save your speech
analysis as a Word (.doc) document and also include the completed Speech Analysis Worksheet with assignment. Speech Analysis Essay Outline Introduction Introduce
the speaker, the speech, and the occasion State your analysis of the speaker′s delivery (successful? Unsuccessful?) and state the 2 main reasons for that analysis.
Body Paragraph 1 Discuss the 1st support mentioned in the introduction. Provide specific quotes/details from the speech to support the 1st reason for your analysis
Body Paragraph 2 Discuss the 2nd support mentioned in the introduction Provide specific quotes/details from the speech to support the 2nd reason for your analysis
Conclusion Sum up the analysis of the speaker′s delivery. Restate the main reasons Do not provide any new information in this paragraph.

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