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Political speech critique

Paper details:
Okay so this is a Political speech critique, I need you to find a political speech and write a 2 page paper on it. This speech is NOT to summarize the speech or talk about what you did and didn’t like about the speech. It has to be a speech longer that 15 mins and make sure the speech is given in English and if you could provide the source of your speech. my best bet is for you to find Barack Obama Speech on any topic as long as it is political or you can use another person as long as it is a US. President and use that to write about how the speaker used gestures and give specific examples like at 12.13 you can see how he points his fingers at the crowd to show they are speaking to everyone, some questions that might help you write the paper you do not have to answer all of these, they are strictly to help you. If your confused feel free to message me, thank you and heres the list below of questions to help with the paper What is the speaker’s goal? Is it to educate, to motivate, to persuade, or to entertain? What is the primary message being delivered? Why is this person delivering this speech? Are they the right person? Was the objective achieved? Where and when is the speech being delivered? What are the key demographic features of the audience? Technical? Students? Elderly? Athletes? Business leaders? How large is the audience? In addition to the live audience, is there an external target audience? (e.g. on the Internet or mass media) Were there other speakers before this one? Were their messages similar, opposed, or unrelated? How was the speaker introduced? Was it appropriate? Did the introduction establish why the audience should listen to this speaker with this topic at this time? What body language was demonstrated by the speaker as they approached the speaking area? Body language at this moment will often indicate their level of confidence. Was a hook used effectively to draw the audience into the speech? Or did the speaker open with a dry “It’s great to be here today.“ Did the speech open with a story? A joke? A startling statistic? A controversial statement? A powerful visual? Did the speech opening clearly establish the intent of the presentation? Was the opening memorable? Was the presentation focused? i.e. Did all arguments, stories, anecdotes relate back to the primary objective? Were examples or statistics provided to support the arguments? Were metaphors and symbolism use to improve understanding? Was the speech organized logically? Was it easy to follow? Did the speaker bridge smoothly from one part of the presentation to the next? Like the opening, the words, body language, and visuals in the speech conclusion are all critical to speaking success. This is due to the recency effect. Was the conclusion concise? Was the conclusion memorable? If appropriate, was there a call-to-action? Enthusiasm and Connection to the Audience Was the speaker enthusiastic? How can you tell? Was there audience interaction? Was it effective? Was the message you– and we-focused, or was it I- and me-focused? Humor Was humor used? Was it safe and appropriate given the audience? Were appropriate pauses used before and after the punch lines, phrases, or words? Was it relevant to the speech? Visual Aids Were they designed effectively? Did they complement speech arguments? Was the use of visual aids timed well with the speaker’s words? Did they add energy to the presentation or remove it? Were they simple and easy to understand? Were they easy to see? e.g. large enough Would an additional visual aid help to convey the message? Use of Stage Area Did the speaker make appropriate use of the speaking area? Physical – Gestures and Eye Contact Did the speaker’s posture display confidence and poise? Were gestures natural, timely, and complementary? Were gestures easy to see? Does the speaker have any distracting mannerisms? Was eye contact effective in connecting the speaker to the whole audience? Vocal Variety Was the speaker easy to hear? Were loud and soft variations used appropriately? Was the pace varied? Was it slow enough overall to be understandable? Were pauses used to aid understandability, heighten excitement, or provide drama? Language Was the language appropriate for the audience? Did the speaker articulate clearly? Were sentences short and easy to understand? Was technical jargon or unnecessarily complex language used? What rhetorical devices were used? e.g. repetition, alliteration, the rule of three, etc. Intangibles Sometimes, a technically sound speech can still miss the mark. Likewise, technical deficiencies can sometimes be overcome to produce a must-see presentation. The intangibles are impossible to list, but here are a few questions to consider: How did the speech make you feel? Were you convinced? Would you want to listen to this speaker again? Were there any original ideas or techniques?

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