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“Polyamory offers itself as an ideal relationship type. It promises the fulfilment of a range of needs that cannot be met by one single partner.” Discuss the statement with reference to the modern ideals of intimacy.

– Answer the question by engaging with (a) the relevant lecture, (b) the set weekly readings and (c) TWO additional scholarly articles or book chapters you have found.

-Minimum references: 4 (lecture, set reading/s,
additional material such as a sociology journal article or book chapter).

– Word count (including references): 800*

– Follow essay structure “Intro-Body (2-3points)-Conclusion”

– Should use at least one source from lecture note and one from tutorial reading, which are attached

– Do not use too complicated sentence, keep it simple with academic terminology

– The essay should have clear arguing points**
Make a reader to know the purpose of essay and what it says

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