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Instructions of final presentation :
To writer : for this paper I want from you to write just the script of my research ( defense ) .
To be able to write the script, please read the file that I have attached which is whole of my study including the results. ( Final report ).
The script must be as following steps :
• Introduction :
1- What is your topic?
2- The purpose of your study.
3 – Why this topic is important to you?
• Why is this master’s project necessary :
1- Explain what is being studied?
2- Explain what this study adds to research literature?
3- Explain what is gained by conducting the study?

• How does this Master’s project fit within the research community ?
1- Demonstrate what is known about the topic?
2- Explain the theory you used and how used to study the topic
3 – Explain the research questions. ( Two RQ ).
• What has been done in Master’s Project?
1- How was this study be conducted? Method.
2- What was analyzed?
3- What knowledge has been gained?
• What has been learned?

1- What are the major findings?
2- Evaluation of the Study.
3- Future Research ( recommendation ).
4- very short conclusion.

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