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Price War

Paper details:
Hello, I need you to elaborate something on Price War regarding Hotels, related with an specific situation, that the hotel of my family is going through in Spain. The problem that I have is that I am still not sure what is the best way to fight a price war, so you can either find what that is, and explain what is and why and how to fight it/use it, or you can find the best marketing/pricing/differentiation strategies that are most appropiate to a hotel that is going through a price war. In the thesis draft im sending you, you are able to find key points about how the industry has been changing during the last few years and what kind of customer this city is receiving, according to its different characteristics and , you should be able to develop some strategies/ideas of what hotels in this city should be doing to face this price war and make the best out of it. you can add me on skype ID: jgakel if you have any questions, i think itd be faster and better for me, as what I have sent might not be so clear. PS: as you will see english is not my first language, thefor id ask you to keep your english very simple using the kind of vocab that im using currently on my thesis draft attached

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