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Principles of financial regulation—Narrow banking

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Assignment Topic The term “Narrow Banking” is a concept that has been suggested by a number of economists and commentators as a solution to the risk taking in financial services. Discuss the arguments for and against this form of structural regulation as a as a solution to regulating the industry in the 21st century and to reduce the danger of risk. Note: To answer this it is recommended you read the following papers: Kay J (2009), Narrow Banking, The Reform of Banking Regulation, submission to government review Vickers J (2012), Some Economics of Banking Reform, Oxford University discussion papers series number 632 Turner A et al. (2010), The Future of Finance: The LSE Report, London School of Economics and Political Science. Chapter 8, Should we have “narrow banking”? Phillips R J, (1995) Narrow Banking Reconsidered; the Functional approach to Financial Reform, Public policy brief // Jerome Levy Economics Institute of Bard College, No. 17 Wilmarth, A E (2012), Narrow Banking: An Overdue Reform That Could Solve The Too-Big-to-Fail Problem and Align U.S. and U.K. Regulation Of Financial Conglomerates, George Washington University, Banking & Financial Services Policy Report, 1, Comments • You are expected to link your answers together in the form of a single essay. • You may also refer to further articles in relation to this topic. This would be expected in the better assignments. • All articles should be correctly cited and referenced (including those provided above).

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