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Your Research Project is going to consist of the following TWO PARTS.
PART I: Background and short description of Research Project (maximum 4-5 pages).
? Depending upon the topic, you may divide Part I under various headings, such as: Introduction; Literature Review; Statistics; Methodology, Conclusion, etc.
? While writing project description, avoid plagiarism. If you use direct quotes and/or paragraph from any other work, cite it properly.
? Read and follow appropriate sections from your text book for writing style and proper use of headings and sub-headings, paragraphing, grammar, spelling, and punctuation, etc.
PART II: After descriptive section (as mentioned above), you are going to append an Annotated Bibliography on that topic containing the following sources:
? At least FIVE books, (You may search those five books from any source, not necessarily from NYIT library Catalog; i.e. you may search Other public libraries catalogs, and /or WorldCat.
? ONE CHAPTER FROM A BOOK (or, ENCYCLOPEDIA ARTICLE) (searched from hardcopy of encyclopedia OR electronic copy of an encyclopedia, such as Gale Virtual Reference Library.
? FIVE articles published in journals/magazines (preferably scholarly journals) (searched from any online databases relevant to your topic)
? ONE Video, (searched from any library catalog, or WorldCat), and
? THREE Internet articles/documents (searched from any search engine, i.e. Google, Yahoo, Metacrawler, )

You are going to learn details of annotated bibliography in the next 2-3 lectures. Meanwhile, once you have selected a topic you may start phase one of your research, i.e. searching and finding the above sources. After you have founded all of the above resources, you are going to organize and format those resources according to one of the professional standards or style manuals.
You can start the process of writing your research project only after you have collected enough information on that topic by searching the above sources, and also reading and synthesizing that information by highlighting and /or underlining important paragraphs, etc.
It is very important that you start your research project as soon as possible because in coming weeks you are going to have a lot of workload.
Evaluation and Grading of your Research project will be based on the following factors:
40% credit will be given to description and overview of research topic (narrative part)
60% credit will be given to annotated Bibliography appended with your research project.

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