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Progress Report
The Recommendation Report you are working on is about “Security in the Banking System” check the research proposal you have written to refresh your memory.
Write a 2-page Progress Report in memo format that details work you?ve done for your Recommendation Report and what remains to be accomplished. Create the business memo.
Often your employer, shareholders, and customers need to know the status of a business project that is underway. This assignment requires you to inform your audience of progress on the Recommendation Proposal: schedule, tasks completed, problems encountered, and work remaining.
A few things to remember as you write this document:
1- The purpose of the report is to inform the reader.
2- The report must be convincing and thorough.
3- The report should give details such as times, dates, quantities, and costs (if applicable).
4- The following sections should be included in the report (use headings to label the various sections:
* Memo header (TO, FROM, DATE, SUBJECT)
* Purpose of Report
* Work Accomplished
* Problems Encountered
* Work Remaining

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