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Project management

Brainstorm to identify a common real world process in bank you have experienced and recall its details which include Brief description with process name,type,industry second,list with mini description of elements ,distinguishing resources and activities. third,List of(typical) inputs with type,quantity,and unit. fourth, list of outputs with type ,quantity and unit. fifth,list with mini description of rules distinguishing to which elements each applies.

it’s basically what you see and the process you face while you visit a bank in your normal day.
prepare the following assignment and submit per course schedule:

Part 1: Process Narrative

Brainstorm to identify a common real-world process within business, transportation,

education, entertainment or another suitable industry that you have experienced and

recall its details. It could involve é.g. creating or providing goods or services.

It must have the following features to qualify as a valid process for this assignment:

0 Uncertainty: A non-zero / non-certain probability for more than one possible option,
status, or outcome must exist in one or several elements within the process;

Queuing: The productive or participating entities (i.e. resources) within the process
must face the possibility of sometimes having to wait under certain circumstances;

0 Constraints: A set of rules that defines the boundaries and governs the internal
workings, behaviors, and interactions must exist for all elements within the process.

“Important: It is not allowed to be from the construction industry (nor be a restaurant).
Submit your answer as a two-page memorandum describing your approach to solving
this assignment, any interesting observations or insights, and the following sections:

fl. Brief description with process name, type, industry, and at least one- actual example;

a List with mini description of elements, distinguishing resources versus activities;

7-0 List of (typical) inputs with type, quantity, and unit;
a… List of (typical) outputs with type, quantity, and unit;

-o List with mini description of rules, distinguishing to which element(s) each applies.
Develop a one-page narrative that describes all elements and behaviors in text form.
Part 2: Process Model
Draw a clear flowchart that shows the entire process graphically, so that somebody wh
has never experienced this process can easily participate and understand it. Put brief
descriptive labels into each step (box) and condition/decision (diamond) symbol.

Use the “Homework Guidelines” for information on how to prepare a quality submittal.
Reference all sources (except for the textbook) in the accepted ASCE referencing styl
at the end of your document. Contact the instructor with any questions. This assignme
is to be prepared in teamwork of 2-3 students. Graduate students have the option of
preparing this assignment in individual work.

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