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This assignment has two parts.

1. Access the Project Management Institute website : http://www.pmi.org/default.aspx and provide a response to the following questions:
• What are PMI Certifications? Why are they important?
• What is a PMI standard? How are standards developed?
2. Access the PMI Case Study Library : http://www.pmi.org/Business-Solutions/OPM3-Case-Study-Library.aspx and select one of the available case studies and answer the following questions.
• What is the background of the project you have selected?
• What were the challenges, risks, solutions, and results of the project you have selected?
Answer the questions for the assignment in a Microsoft Word document, and submit prior to the end of Module 4. Please review the Assignment Rubric as you complete this assignment. This assignment is worth 35 points.

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