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1.1    Purpose of Project Management Plan    4
2.1    Assumptions/Constraints    4
3.1    Work Breakdown Structure    4
3.2    Change Control Management    4
4.1    Milestones    5
4.2    Project Schedule    5
4.2.1    Dependencies    5
8.1    Communication Matrix    5
9.1    Risk Log    6
10.1    Issue Log    6

[Provide the purpose of the project charter.]
The intended audience of the <Project Name> PMP is all project stakeholders including the project sponsor, senior leadership and the project team.
[Provide an executive summary of the approved project charter. Provide a reference to the approved Project Charter. Elaborate on any sections within the Project Charter that need further detail contained within the PMP.]
[Insert summary of any changes from the project assumptions and/or constraints that were originally outlined in the project charter.]
[Insert the project’s scope management plan or provide a reference to where it is stored.]
[Insert the project’s work breakdown structure or provide a reference to where it is stored.]
Changes to the project will need to be made to deal with the potential impact of the scheduled outage.]
The table below lists the milestones for this project, along with their estimated completion timeframe.
Milestones     Estimated Completion Timeframe
[Insert milestone information (e.g., Project planned and authorized to proceed)]    [Insert completion timeframe (e.g., Two weeks after project concept is approved)]
[Add additional rows as necessary]
[Insert the project’s schedule or provide a reference to where it is stored.]
[Insert the schedule/project dependencies (both internal and external).]
[Insert the project’s cost management plan or provide a reference to where it is stored.]
[Insert the project’s human resource management plan or provide a reference to where it is stored.]
[Insert the project’s communication management plan or provide a reference to where it is stored.]
[Insert the project’s communication matrix or provide a reference to where it is stored.]
Stakeholder    Messages    Vehicles    Frequency    Communicators    Feedback Mechanisms

[Insert the project’s risk management plan or provide a reference to where it is stored.]
[The Risk Log is normally maintained as a separate document. Provide a reference to where it is stored.]
[Insert the project’s issue management plan or provide a reference to where it is stored.]
[The Issue Log is normally maintained as a separate document. Provide a reference to where it is stored.]


You were hired by a beverage company to execute a project aimed to replace the existing packaging

Document Version: <Insert Version Number>

1.    Purpose    1
2.    Problem/Opportunity    1
3.    Project Goal    1
4.    Project Objectives    1
5.    Project Scope    1
6.    Key Stakeholders    1
7.    Outcomes/Success Criteria    1
8.    Assumptions and Constraints    1
8.1    Assumptions    1
8.2    Constraints    2
9.    Risks    2
10.    Estimated Cost    2
11.    Estimated Duration    2

<This section provides the purpose of the document.>
<Recommended text:>
The plan of creating general awareness about the new packaging for a beverage company by employing various strategic policies at different levels of publicity can be defined as marketing; utilizing an approach whereby which a stronger relationship between the manufacturer and the consumer population is established. By making careful observations about different market circles both globally and internally different ground breaking analysis and strategic formulation is derived to power the growth process more substantially
<This section describes the problem or opportunity the project seeks to address using factual information.>
To create general awareness about the pros and cons of biologically unsafe packaging; water carries immense significance in our daily routines, how its unhealthy levels can destroy life, is pretty much evident. Yet, the government allows utilization of unhealthy water without giving a proper consideration to the safety measures. People are well aware of water pollution but are forced to use it because without it life operations are impossible to execute. We therefore need to go look out for alternative fuels which keep pollution in check.
As far as water pollution is concerned, the project identifies many sources of pollution like chemical plants, coal industries, radiations and metallic conductivity. Not only is it a health hazard but also a population hazard. People stay away from places that do not guarantee appropriate life supporting strategies. The paradox of our society is drinking raw water from the woods is unsafe but the tap water is safe, the people are either under the impression or forced to believe by ritual that municipal water is safe to drink, that it is clean. More than 70% of people are aware enough to know the major factors of pollution but are ignorant enough to utilize their own rights for perfect health standards of life.
The current packaging of the beverage bottles is a biohazard. The plastic and metal packaging is not safe to use and their disposal in the waters can contaminate the entire system and pose a threat to aquatic as well as human life.
The new packaging however is environment friendly, utilizes low carbon content and free from ozone oxidants.
<This section provides a clear, concise statement of the project’s purpose and intended results. The project goal statement should be brief (one sentence).>
To create reasonable awareness about the new packaging and explain why its implementation will be beneficial on the general scale.
<This section provides a list of what must be achieved in the project to realize the overall goal. The objectives can be considered as “subgoals.”>
General awareness campaigns
Employee motivational strategies
Door to door services
10 year plan agenda
To create 75% general awareness of the brand in every panelized market
<This section provides a high level list of the major activities the team will undertake and, if known, the major deliverables.>
Internal Environment:
A company’s internal environment has a large amount of psychological and economical bearings on the company’s working and its outlook towards the external environment. These factors largely influence its communication strategies as well and these strategies in turn lay out its line of action and the impression it portrays on its partners, stake holders and clientele. It serves as the paradigm in which workers from different departments work to a foreseeable future. It is therefore necessary for all the components to work in utter solidarity with each other. A harmonious environment catalyzes a more efficient response with better results.
Supply Chains:
One of the important factors to control is the supplier that is responsible for selling raw ingredients to the company. These ingredients are utilized to produce various products for diver occasions. It is therefore important to line out directive principles which help in keeping a safe check on the suppliers on usually a contract basis. Furthermore the communication policy should be able to line out the principles most adept to create a strong bond between the suppliers and the organization in order to avoid any unfavorable circumstance.
Advertisement campaigns:
A prosperous procedure in the organization should consider some sort of well organized and also effectively propagated advertisement promotions which might be both equally influential and also workable. A number of variable mass media transmission options must be employed; web, radio stations and also television set must be used by promotional campaigns as the items along with the business approach to build understanding and also client trust. Marketing stunts are a different helpful aspect.
What can the customer afford?
The company should look at the financial conditions on the people, the major factor determining the rate of business success; if they are rich enough to cover their top quality food or not. This factor is key point for expansion to keep an in depth look at the existing conditions of the proposed consumers and so predicting the life span of a great outlet that’s proposed to get set up in that locality.
A Healthy Competition:
A wholesome competition is the inevitable factor and all the policies which the organization devise, should be to come in pace with or even beat its competitors. Slow and effectively determined moves undoubtedly are a priority in such cases after all who wants to be at the bottom of a food chain.
Study of Human Statistics:
The statistical study of human population; figuring out the average consumption types and the rate of prevalent diseases such as diabetes and manufacturing products accordingly requires careful study
Monetary policies:
Again, this factor controls the working conditions of a population with which trade has to be made. Everything from investment into raw materials to pricing the products is carefully controlled and studied prior to disclosure in the markets. Previously set standards and their feedbacks are compared with newly devised strategies to meet with utmost optimization of performance and encouragement. Such ratios and statistics can only be obtained through a deep study of demographics pertaining to a particular social circle. This study should be on grounds covering all basic factors from fiscal to marketing policies.
Healthy humanity is accompanied by a much healthier environment. So basically the company should be able to innovatively devise new plans for renewable energy source and minimal carbon content exposure. So its foreign policy and globalization techniques are expanding into countries with variable natural resources and large variety of tastes. Avoiding the utilization and dumping of carcinogens and toxic pollutants in the environment helps in their agenda of envisioning a stronger and healthier humanity. Recently their major purpose behind ready meals is to control diabetes.
Utilization of Modern Technology:
As has been previously stated, technology and digitization is improving every day, providing better service and easy handling to the common man. For organizations and business companies utilization of this new technology makes the execution of everyday tasks easier and risk free. Internal data handling is thorough with the information being just a click away. All sorts of communication is possible and made quick with zero effort, many companies takes into special account that whatever technologies the employ are risk free and economical.
Radical Political Factors:
The major driving force these days is politics and the threateningly large power in the hands of all diplomacies. They stir changes that either make the business fall together or fall apart. Everything from inflation to structural renovation is under their control. Businesses and organization depend on economy upheavals for their built and destruction. Currency value, its global standing as well the changes in economy of the most stabilized/ developed countries. Political atmosphere has far ranging effects which can only be overcome by putting in an equal amount of influence and affluence but it starts a biased manipulation on part of the organization.
Corporate communication and corporate branding
Corporate communication, as has been previously explained, is the agenda put forward by the company to expand its circle of general awareness, to layout its policies in the outside world and either help gain or lose following. Corporate branding on the hand can be considered as an aspect of corporate communication, which is a promotional platform, utilizing the company’s name or logo in different sales pitch, products and campaigns. This can either attract or repel stake holders. Corporate branding lays down the first impression, it is responsible to demonstrate the culture, ethics and importance of the company’s beholding vision.
Due to its extreme importance many different organizations are inculcating various sub departments for efficient working and stability of the corporate branding region. These sub departments include marketing, communications and corporate social responsibility. Some renowned brands include Coca-Cola, Heinz, Intel, IBM etc.

<This section provides a list of the people with the strongest interest in or influence over project work and results.>
Staff, customers, suppliers, owners, security personnel, campaign management

<This section provides statements about the impact the project must have on those outside the project to be considered successful. These statements should be consistent with the project goal and provide information on measurable project outcomes.>
Analyzing the atmosphere
Utilizing different innovations to design an evaluation policy
Scanning and data handling
Scouting for a greater knowledge pool
Selecting information resources beneficial for fiscal policies
Selective information handling capacity through technological investments
Setting up an effective paradigm for evaluation
After receiving the results planning an appropriate line of action
Evaluating the overall structure

<This section lists the assumptions and constraints of the project.>
Assuming the whole organization as a unit and working first for internal solidarity and then utilizing that unit by the standards of division of labor to spread out and work for community based agenda.
8.1    Assumptions
<List assumptions here.>
Considering the organizational structure to spread out from the source
Knowing the power distribution
Considering the entire human population as a family.
8.2    Constraints
<List constraints here.>
Political variants
Domestic variants
Monetary policies

9.    RISKS
<This section lists project risks. Risks are something that may or may not happen in the future that could have a negative impact on the project.>
Every company is usually at the threat of various external components that may retard its rate or quality of production. Internal environment along with external factors have far ranging effects on the workings of majority departments of the company. These can either be opportunities or threats. A keen response is required to tackle them effectively. Some of the most concurrent external factors are given herewith:
Political Variants:
It is natural for a seat of power to create influence in its area of domicile, trying to deviate everything within its focal point. Politics and diplomatic events tend to create such suction tendencies by creating a vacuum in the surroundings. This happens with a much larger collateral if the constituent units fail to receive their due share of immunity or if their policies evoke or tend to political tides or waves. This is rather disturbing and disruptive both psychologically and logically. If an organization fails to comply with the political influence then it is subjected to hard consequences with a much fatal aftermath. The company should however try to steer clear of such political involvements. Their mode of action is simple servitude to customers without donating to any political distractions that might later turn it into a campaign as and when required.
It is major stance, to avoid political and diplomatic interventions in the smooth running of the organizational affairs. Every political upheaval can stir radical changes within the operative modes of the company. They can trigger changes with a long lasting effect especially if catalyzed by the grudge syndrome. The company’s retailers take this into special consideration and therefore refrain from indulging into anything that stirs destruction even if mildly. They take special care of their clientele and know the possible psychological side effects political upheavals may render on their customer following.
Monetary Management/ Policies:
The major factor utilizing probably the majority of the organization’s concerns is the fiscal policies. External crisis such as inflation, stock market ups and downs etcetera have huge bearings on the overall economic infrastructure. The economic conditions of the population is checked and double checked before pricing goods or investing in the manufacture process.
Moreover the financial condition of a particular locality plays a driving role. Not every geographical demarcation is well suited for buying expensive luxuries. So the company tries and will certainly always try to line out their fiscal policies considering the minutest details regarding the ongoing currency value, stock’s market and the economic solidarity of the country. In order to avoid any major setbacks to the organization’s revenue generation or the entire outlet flop.
Significance of locality and society:
The community based factors for cross cultural trade are to be keenly observed. These factors include their consuming habits, ethics and religious or moral obligatory activities. Everything from smaller ethnic groups in a locality to the more dominant religious circles are viewed, their eating habits studied and then the possible line of manufacture is laid out and put into action. Supplying meat products to purely vegetable consuming community can supply the overall retail and customer morale. Locality therefore plays a dominant role. If the people you are trying to feed a particular something are antagonistic towards it then all the effort and the predicted investment’s benefit is lost.
Having an In depth Know how of Technological advances:
In the modern era of technology it is extremely important for every company in the endeavor to success. To keep in touch with all the modern range of innovation they have a separate IT department which controls and manages the infrastructure. The Morrison’s have invested a lot into such technological advances such as organizing a new transportation fleet which efficiently tackles noise and air pollution. Moreover technological advances for coping with business information input and breaches have been introduced. Better system for input and handling of information in different departments and segmentation has been introduced with a new line of IT. They have also invested a lot into digitization of entire procedures. Care is taken however to ensure the purity of natural environment does not fade away. Routines awareness campaigns to educate the general public are also planned and programmed to make sure the people know what they are buying and why they should keep their trusts in the company. Everything from the gist to the surface is planned and executed perfectly.
Everything is checked and re-checked, all procedure follow health safety measures. The rules for regulation are under the strict rules and regulations of Health and Safety. All the production is done strictly in accordance with the prescribed health standards of WHO. It takes special precautions to avoid black marketing and routine hygiene checks are made a compulsion along with proper safety precautions. All the beverage suppliers and raw materials are subjected to various safety confirmatory tests and then are incorporated into food items, manufactured with utmost care and safety techniques.
Biological environment:
All the procedures guarantee environmental safety, no manufacturing process is carried out which can be a major setback to the environment. The company’s special initiative is to take special care of avoiding noise and air pollution and therefore have taken the liberty to utilize unique transportation vessels and all other techniques to minimize carbon exposure.

<This section is optional. Delete this section or provide an initial estimate of what the project is expected to cost.>

<This section is optional. Delete this section or provide an initial estimate of the project duration.>

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