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Project Management Program Outcomes and Learning Statements
The BSIT capstone class requires the creation of a portfolio of your work, which has the purposes of reflecting your prior professional achievements and also demonstrating the competencies you have developed to your future employers. This portfolio is called Integrated Technology Assessment, which requires you to prepare Learning Statements that explain how you have met each of the 13 BSIT program outcomes (these program outcomes are given in the IT course syllabi in a matrix form). The learning statements could be based on classwork or on application of knowledge in a practical scenario. You can download a sample ITA portfolio HERE. As can be seen in the sample, each program outcome in the ITA is associated with three performance indicators/characteristics, and students of the capstone class are required to develop one learning statement for each of the performance indicators.

In this discussion you are required to discuss the learning statement(s) produced for BSIT program outcome 12: Demonstrate the ability to assist in the creation of an effective project plan:
Use this Integrated Technology Assessment template (HERE) to prepare your learning statement(s) for program outcome 12. Choose at least one of the three associated performance indicators and develop corresponding learning statement(s).

Substantiate your learning statement(s) with a supporting example from your classwork or prior experience.

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