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Prophylaxis against Chikungunya virus with homeopathic remedies

The research proposition plan directives were the following:

Your task is to write a proposition for a planned piece of research on finding a prophylactic homeopathic remedy to treat and prevent the Chikungunya virus . Please present your work under the following sections:

ABSTRACT: This should be a short paragraph which summarizes the entire piece of work. Do not use subheadings or cite any references in the abstract.

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: Clearly state what the purpose of the research is, what it is trying to achieve, and indicate the direction in which your research will go. State a research question or hypothesis intended for investigation and indicate how aims are to be accomplished. The information needs to be presented in a clear, precise and succinct manner. You can present it as a series of expanded bullet points. Do not include method, background research or review material.

SEARCH CRITERIA AND DATABASES: Outline key words and databases used.

BACKGROUND AND LITERATURE REVIEW: Outline the main research in the area and its significance which supports your reasons for investigating the topic. Justify the choice of topic and explain why the research is needed and will be worthwhile. Critically examine the literature that relates to your research questions.

REFERENCES: The references should be cited in the text and given in full at the end of your work.

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