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This assignment is about writing a proposal to New Zealand Auckland Council. The idea of this proposal is to provide free practical and theoretical driving classes for foreigners who are in their first two years of living in New Zealand.  It is a group work and my part is to write an introduction (aprox 500 words) summarising this idea. I have to give any necessary background information to the current situation of driving in New Zealand including the rate of accidents caused by foreigners and locals. Also use these information below to scope the introduction. Use this website as reference: http://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/EN/Pages/default.aspx
o    Available for foreigners to attend if they are in their first 2 years of living within NZ.
–    Not for NZ people because similar defensive driving classes are available in some schools as a funded aspect and looking at statistics a lot of incidents are caused by foreigners whom do not understand
o    30 people per month
o    3-6 month trial period and if successful can be continued as ongoing thing
– First in first served
– The 30 people will contact reception and find out about the service via advertising
o    2 Hours Practical driving per person
–    One on one session with teacher suited to the culture or have a translator in car as well as teacher + student
o    2 Hour theory class per person
–    Going through the road code
–    Learning about signs and symbols found on NZ roads
–    Alternative modes of transport (Bus, Train etc.- how to understand timetables etc.)
o    Target audience for the proposal = Auckland Council (* become familiar with)

Budget ideas so far:
MAX= $8000 per month
o    Car (buy or have donated)
o    Petrol
o    Class rental/lease
o    4 Driving instructors/ Teachers ($20 p/h wage)
o    Receptionist (Part time paid employee + Volunteers)
o    Admin person (Pays wages etc.)
o    Advertising (Flyers, signage, business cards)
o    Car insurance
o    Road code books (1 Per person to keep)
o    Translators (Either paid or voluntary)
o    Any books/ paper/ printing/ stationary needed for theory classes

How to track progress/successfulness:
o    Survey/ Test before each person starts their training and after to measure whether their awareness and knowledge has improved (both theory test and driving test)
o    Look at foreign driver statistics prior to starting in comparison to after (Unsure whether possible due to most Stats being yearly).

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