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PSYC 4201W
Spring 2016
Assignment: Complete Human Subjects Protections training
A. Complete the web-based training in protection of human subjects, and submit
completion certificate. Keep notes on the major themes, as you will be asked to apply
these principles to your next assignment, and to your final paper.
1. To get started, go to: www.citiprogram.org
Click: Register
2. Select Institution George Washington University.
3. Create a new username and password.
4. Enter your contact information
5. When asked, “Which course do you plan to take?” click on Social/Behavioral.
6. Follow instructions to complete required modules, and complete each quiz. You need to
achieve 75% correct to pass.
7. When done, retain either an electronic or printed copy of your completion certificate.
8. Send an electronic copy (scan your printed copy into a pdf, if necessary) to your
laboratory instructor.
B. What if I’ve already done this for another course or study I’m working with? You can
submit a certificate dated any time within the past two years. However, you will need to be
familiar with the concepts for your first lab assignment. You can review all the modules you took
by signing in with the username and password you created.
C. Grading: full points for timely completion.
D. Due: Friday, January 15, by 5pm.

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