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A transition plan is a document that gives those involved with your client what they need to take the appropriate next steps. Transition plans are often used to share
information among a group of individuals who will be assisting a client. A good transition plan is clear and concise, and presents a snapshot of where the client has
been and is going. An effective transition plan presents to those who will be working with the client a clear direction on what needs to happen to help the client
address changes smoothly.
Develop a transition plan, compiling and synthesizing the information that you have gathered regarding your case, to share with the transition team. Ensure that your
transition plan includes:
• A clear, concise summary of the case, including a snapshot of where the client has been and any relevant background information.
• A course of action regarding next steps for the individual in your case. Present the course of action in a clear and concise manner. Make sure that you support your
decision with points from the research and points from the dialogue that has taken place so far.
• Two to three clearly written recommendations to help the individual or the team take the next steps in the transition process.

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